Passover Catering Menu

Passover catering in South Florida is an extremely common option… and New York Marina Deli has been the perfect solution for years! If nothing else, make your own dinner on the first night of Passover and then bring in Passover dinner from us on the second night. We all know the four questions.  The fifth question (just recently created) is: Why not let New York Marina Deli provide the Passover dinner catering for you this year?

If you’re looking for a Passover dinner catering menu in Fort Lauderdale, look no further!  Just be sure to call us as soon as possible before your event or by Monday, April 15th.

To order, call us at 954-524-3354 or email us (CLICK HERE FOR OUR CATERING EMAIL). Sit back. Relax. Be Hungry. Enjoy!